The BNTVA, for all our Nuclear Community

We are the premier charity representing the interests of all members of the British Nuclear Community both at home and on the international stage

Remembering our Heritage

We take pride in honouring those who have passed at the National Remembrance Day,  National Atomic Veterans Awareness Day and many other ceremonies across the UK and overseas.

Celebrating the Future

As a community we have members from all generations, ‘going forward together’ launched the initiative that made the BNTVA into this all-encompassing organisation.  On the international stage, the BNTVA is leading the way encouraging other nuclear survivor organisations to evolve for the future


Membership of the BNTVA is open to everyone, British Nuclear Test Veterans their family members and people who want to support the work of the Association.

From just £20 a year you can be a part and make a difference


The BNTVA has no full-time staff, it is managed purely through the unpaid work of our Trustees.  Our chief income is from membership subscriptions and we have to carefully balance our activities to deliver the best service possible.

If you want to help by donating or conducting a fundraising activity or even remembering us in your will please get in touch.  Every contribution helps.


Our organisation relies on voluntary work, if you want to take part please let us know.  Organising our Annual Conference, The All Tests Reunion, NAVAD and Remembrance Sunday all takes time and effort.  We are grateful for any help you can give.

Outside of our main activities, we have received help in spreading the word and publicising the amazing story of our heritage from school projects to displays at shows and events the BNTVA  is always there to support your efforts to help us.

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