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IMPORTANT: Standing Order Membership Changes

Message From Vice-Chair Sandie Hern - Important Information Regarding Membership Dear Members many of you will be receiving letters from your bank to inform you that your standing order has been canceled because that account number no longer exists. Unfortunately,...

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Remembrance Sunday

A collection of pictures from Remembrance Sunday from across the country Updated 18/11/17 with some more pictures from London

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2019 BNTVA Nuclear Test Calendar

At the All Nuclear Tests Re-Union at Weston Super Mare David Hemsley made a proposal that he produce a 2019 BNTVA Calendar The proposal was accepted. Initial costs will be born by David and any profit raised will be donated to the BNTVA. If successful this could be...

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Message from Alan Owen, BNTVA Chairman

The BNTVA will March in this year’s Remembrance Parade I have the honour of participating in this year’s parade, representing the Nuclear Veterans. Remembrance Day Isn't just about war and those we've lost, but about ideals and what we stand for, It's about respecting...

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Lest we forget

BNTVA preparations for Remembrance weekend On the 9th November in the Fields of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey, The BNTVA plot will be laid out, as has been the task for many years, by Don and Christine James. The Plot contains the names of 534 BNTVA members who are...

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60 Years Since Grapple X

On the 8th November 1957 Grapple X saw Britain detonate a nuclear device at Christmas Island The result of this test, largely held to be their first true thermonuclear device, was to gain Britain entry into the league of world nuclear powers...

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Operation Dominic

“Operation Dominic” was the American series of 31 nuclear tests in the South Pacific, 24 of these were to be detonated off the South East point of Christmas Island. Two of these tests failed but the other 22 were successful. The tests took place between 25th April and...

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Charity Trustee Board Member Vacancies – The NCCF

The Nuclear Community Charity Fund Reg No 1173544 is seeking interested parties for the consideration of appointment to the Board of Trustees The charity is delivering £6m of projects under the Aged Veterans Fund into the British Nuclear Test Veterans Community. ...

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Manchester Memorial Dedication

In October we attended a Nuclear Veterans ceremony in Manchester The BNTVA memorial Stone had been moved during the alterations to the area.  Local Veteran and former National Standard Bearer Terry Washington had campaigned for a long time to have the memorial...

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Don Memorial Bar – Stockton-on-Tees

Back in June this year I had been in one of our local bars in Stockton-on-Tees for a cup of tea, this is a bar with a difference, it’s a Memorial Bar. The Don Memorial Bar champions our veterans and the fallen heroes of our country from conflicts past and present....

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DDT FOI Request

BNTVA Chairman Alan Owen raises a Freedom of Information request regarding DDT at Christmas Island [pdfviewer width="600px" height="849px"...

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2018 Christmas Island Memorial Commemoration

The United Kingdom’s largest Nuclear Bomb was tested on Christmas Island, now called Kiritimati, and took place on 28th April 1958. Contact has been made with the Kiritimati Test Veterans and their Descendants, who are very keen to have a Memorial.  They will build...

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Can You Help?

We have been a approached by a media company asking if we can help with a documentary they are making for The History Channel. They want to explore and get first-hand stories from Veterans about Minutemen Missiles /Silos Handheld Davy Crockett's Lightening Bugs Cobra...

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The BNTVA is the premier UK charity representing all people who have worked with or alongside radioactive material for the benefit of this nation. Our Primary aims are Education, Research and Support.

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