Welcome to the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association

The BNTVA is the premier UK charity representing all people who have worked with or alongside radioactive material for the benefit of this nation.  Formed initially to campaign for recognition and restitution of our Servicemen who participated in the British Nuclear Tests the organisation has evolved over the years to share it’s knowledge and heritage with people from all walks of life.

The British Nuclear Testing Programme ran between  1952 and 1967, it was the largest Tri-Service operation since the D-Day landings. over 20,000 servicemen participated in the  Weapons Tests. The development of these superweapons bought the United Kingdoms place at the world superpower table.

The cost in human terms has never been fully calculated nor appreciated:

in the blinding light of the bombs a shadow was cast across the lives of so many people

120Health & Wellbeing Information

Health professionals: The current main source for health, wellbeing and experience of UK social care for Nuclear Test Veterans can be found in the ‘2010 Health Needs Audit’ available at


Snapshot Survey of the basic levels of health in British Nuclear Test veteran family trees has recently concluded and the research has been published

Current Research and Projects


We are bidding for funding for a number of projects from the Aged Veterans Fund.  The 2015 compliment of projects encompass; Genetic research, Psychological research, psychological treatment, The Nuclear Community Remembrance Project and The Nuclear Community Care and Wellbeing Fund.